Pope Benedict XVI In The News

Since Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI in April 2005 we've had a little bit of difficulty keeping up with him in the news, since he has suddenly become a lot more popular.

For this reason, the management has opted to forego a daily updating of individual stories (as was the method of the Ratzinger Fan Club and instead provide you with a compilation of what, in our estimation, are the best resources for regular, ongoing news on Pope Benedict XVI, by those who make it their profession.

Benedict XVI's Review of the Year 2005 Zenit News Service. Dec. 22, 2005.
Pope Says Secularity Means a Separation of Powers Zenit News Service. Dec. 19, 2005.
Spread of Nuclear Arms Threatens Peace, Says Pontiff Zenit News Service. Dec. 11, 2005.
Benedict XVI Tells "Secret" of New Evangelization Zenit News Service. Dec. 5, 2005.
Children Deserve Married Parents, Says Pope Zenit News Service. Dec. 4, 2005.
Holocaust "an Indelible Disgrace" in History, Says Pope Zenit News Service. Nov. 30, 2005.
Nonbelievers Too Can Be Saved, Says Pope Zenit News Service. Nov. 30, 2005.
Pope Reiterates Desire to Help End Strife in Darfur Zenit News Service. Nov. 28, 2005.
Pope Widens Bishop's Authority Over Assisi Sites Zenit News Service. Nov. 21, 2005.
Benedict XVI Says Church Respects Civil Authority Zenit News Service. Nov. 19, 2005.
Pontiff Points to Christ as Model for New Humanism Zenit. Nov. 17, 2005.
Pope Benedict Enters Italian Abortion Debate with Praise for Pro-Life Movement CWNews.com / LifesiteNews.com. Nov. 16, 2005.
Jewish-Catholic Ties Advancing, Says Benedict XVI Zenit. Nov. 14, 2005.
Pope Urges U.S. to Respect Ethics in Politics Zenit. Nov. 13, 2005.
Pope Highlights Ecumenical Advances With Lutherans Zenit. Nov. 7, 2005.
Pope Commits to Advancing Catholic-Jewish Dialogue Zenit. October 28, 2005.
Benedict XVI Publishes Synod's Recommendations Zenit. October 23, 2005.
Benedict XVI Favors a "Positive Secularity" Zenit. October 17, 2005.
Pope Shares Memories of His First Communion Zenit. October 10, 2005.
Pope Addresses Synod Unexpectedly Zenit. October 7, 2005.
Benedict XVI Opens Synod on the Eucharist Zenit. Oct. 2, 2005.
Hans Küng Has a Friendly Talk With Benedict XVI Zenit. Sept. 26, 2005.
Benedict XVI Focuses on Bishop's Role as a Teacher Zenit. Sept. 19, 2005.
Benedict XVI on Religion and Public Life Zenit. Sept. 17, 2005.
Benedict XVI Promotes Biblical Meditation Zenit. Sept. 16, 2005.
One Must Hear Gospel to Spread It, Says Pope Zenit. Sept. 16, 2005.
Benedict XVI Says Church's Dialogue With Culture Is Vital Zenit. Sept. 15, 2005.
Chief Rabbis of Israel Invite Benedict XVI to Jerusalem Zenit. Sept. 15, 2005.
Benedict XVI Blesses Statue of Opus Dei Founder Zenit. Sept. 14, 2005.
Radio-Novel Looks at Life of Joseph Ratzinger Zenit. Sept. 13, 2005.
Only Dialogue and Peace Can Give World a Future, Affirms Pope Zenit. Sept. 12, 2005.
Benedict XVI Talks Peace on 9/11 Anniversary Zenit. September 11, 2005.
Why Oriana Fallaci Received a Papal Audience Zenit. September 6, 2005.
Pope Sees Pain of Eucharistic Split as a Goad Toward Unity Zenit. Sept. 5, 2005.
Benedict XVI Urges Whole Church to Prepare for Synod Zenit. Sept. 4, 2005.
Pope Pursuing an Ambitious Agenda Zenit. Sept. 2, 2005.
Benedict XVI Pays Tribute to [Polish] Solidarity Union Zenit. August 31, 2005.
Benedict XVI Wary of Democracies Without Values Zenit. August 26, 2005.
Pope Looks for "Springtime of Hope" After Cologne Zenit. August 24, 2005.
Benedict XVI Proposes Increased Dialogue With Jews Zenit. August 19, 2005.
Pope Reminisces About His Youth in Cologne August 18, 2005.
Pope Hopes Germany Rediscover Its Spiritual Roots Zenit. August 18, 2005.
Pope Mourns Murder of Taiz é's Brother Roger Zenit. August 17, 2005.
Pope Notes Plight of the Divorced-and-Remarried Zenit. August 16, 2005.
Christianity Isn't Just "Dos and Don'ts," Says Pope Zenit. August 16, 2005.
Pope Enjoys Last Day of Alpine Vacation Zenit. July 27, 2005.
Benedict XVI Points to Spiritual Side of Vacations Zenit. July 17, 2005.
Benedict XVI Writing a Book, Says Cardinal [Tarcisio Bertone] Zenit. July 15, 2005.
Benedict XVI, on Holiday, Can Make Music Zenit. July 13, 2005.
Benedict XVI Writing His First Encyclical Zenit. July 12, 2005.
Pope Tells of a Namesake's Spirituality Zenit. July 10, 2005.
Pope to Terrorists: "Stop in the Name of God!" Zenit. July 10, 2005.
Pope Asks Catholics to Be Missionaries of Christ's Love Zenit. July 4, 2005.
Compendium a Guide for Evangelization, Says Pope Zenit. July 3, 2005.
Benedict XVI Hopes Papal Primacy Won't Be Seen as Barrier to Unity Zenit. June 30, 2005.
Pope Presents Compendium of Catechism Zenit. June 28, 2005.
Church-State Ties Based on "Healthy Secularity," Says Pope Zenit. June 24, 2005.
Benedict XVI Urges Italy to Guard Christian Roots Zenit. June 24, 2005.
Pope Urges Support of Greek-Catholic Church in Ukraine: To Foster Reconciliation with the Orthodox. June 23, 2005.
Fighting Corruption Is a Form of Charity, Says Pope Zenit. June 19, 2005.
Pope Tells World Council That Ecumenism Is a Priority Zenit. June 16, 2005.
At Audience, Pope Talks by Cellphone With a Patient Zenit. June 15, 2005.
Sunday Mass Should Be Seen as a Joy, Says Pope Zenit. June 12, 2005.
Benedict XVI: Fight AIDS With Chastity Zenit. June 10, 2005.
Benedict XVI Vows to Build Jewish-Catholic Relations Zenit. June 9, 2005.
Christ's Poverty a Model for Christians, Says Benedict XVI Zenit. June 1, 2005.
Benedict XVI to Mark 28th Year as Bishop Zenit. May 27, 2005.
Orthodox and Catholics Have Common Duty, Says Pope. Receives Bulgarian President in Audience. Zenit. May 23, 2005.
Dialogue Is Key for Peace, Says Benedict XVI Receives Ambassador of Macedonia. Zenit. May 19, 2005.
Pope Re-Commits to Peace and Human Rights Receives Diplomatic Corps Accredited to the Holy See. Zenit. May 12, 2005.
Benedict XVI Makes First Changes in U.S. Hierarchy Zenit. May 10, 2005.
Benedict XVI Sends Birthday Greetings to Rabbi Zenit. May 9, 2005.
Benedict XVI Sends Message to Protestant Synod Zenit. May 8, 2005.
Bishop of Rome Takes Possession of His Cathedral Zenit. May 8, 2005.
Lutheran Hailed Cardinal Ratzinger as Expert on Luther: Cardinal Invited Protestants to Read Pre-Reformation Writings. Zenit. May 5, 2005.
Benedict XVI Highlights God's Loving Protection - Resumes Series of Commentaries Begun by John Paul II. Zenit. April 4, 2005.
Pope Fondly Recalls Communion-and-Liberation Founder Zenit. April 4, 2005.
Benedict XVI's Papal Coat of Arms Presented Zenit. April 29, 2005.
L'Osservatore Romano Publishes New Papal Coat of Arms Catholic News Agency. April 28, 2005.
Pope drops papal crown from coat of arms, adds miter, pallium, by Carol Glatz. Catholic News Service. April 27, 2005.
Mission More Crucial Than Ever, Says Holy Father Zenit. April 26, 2005.
Church Committed to Ecumenism, Says Pope Zenit. April 25, 2005.
Benedict XVI's Agenda: God's Will - Zenit. April 24, 2005.
Inaugural Mass Full of New Symbolic Gestures Zenit. April 24, 2005.
Pope Invites Rabbi of Rome to Installation Associated Press. April 21, 2005.
German Pontiff Intends to Go to Youth Day in Cologne. Zenit. April 20, 2005.
Pope Aims to Pursue Dialogue With Other Civilizations . . . Diverse Religions. Zenit. April 20, 2005.
"Collegial Communion" Emphasized by Pope. Zenit. April 20, 2005.
CARDINAL RATZINGER ELECTED POPE: On 2nd Day of Conclave; Takes Name of Benedict XVI Zenit. April 19, 2005.
As Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
[Ratzinger's] New book calls for Europe to return to its Christian roots, by David McHugh. Associated Press. April 14, 2005.
Ratzinger leads international tribute to Pope John Paul II Expatica. April 8, 2005.
Cardinal Ratzinger sends condolences to Monaco on Prince Rainier's death Catholic World News. April 6, 2005.
Ratzinger to preside over pope's funeral. Expatica. April 4, 2005.
Cardinal Ratzinger Baptizes 5 Adults at Vigil Mass Zenit.org. March 27, 2005.
Cardinal Ratzinger Readies a Eucharistic "Way of the Cross" Zenit.org. March 23, 2005.
Cardinal Ratzinger to Write Good Friday Meditations Zenit.org. March 6, 2005.
[Pope John Paul II] Preaching With His Suffering, Says Cardinal Ratzinger Zenit.org. March 1, 2005.
Cardinal Ratzinger: Pope Doesn't Equate the Holocaust and Abortion Zenit.org. Feb. 23, 2005.
Cardinal Ratzinger Seeks a Bridge With Nonbelievers: Warns That Secular Culture Can Slip Into Dogmatism Zenit.org. Dec. 14 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger Sees Danger in "Radical Secularism" Zenit.org. Dec. 2, 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger Commends U.S. Model of Laicism Zenit.org. Nov. 25, 2004.
Ratzinger: Secular forces 'pushing God to margins'. Telegraph.co.uk, UK - Nov 19, 2004
Augustine Faced an Emptiness, Says Cardinal Ratzinger. Zenit.org. Nov. 16, 2004.
Ratzinger: Reason Separated From God Is Obstacle to Peace Zenit.org. Nov. 7, 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger: Cloning More Dangerous Than Arms of Mass Destruction. Zenit.org. Oct. 27, 2004.
Ratzinger: European Secularism Offends Islam CNews.com. Oct. 26, 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger Prays for Beatification of John Paul I. Zenit.Org. Oct. 20, 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger Says it is Reason, not Faith, Which Compels States to Protect Unborn LifeSiteNews.com. August 16, 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger: European Union Rooted in Christianity no Place for Turkey. Zaman August 13, 2004.
Communion: What does Ratzinger really say?. Cathnews.com. June 18, 2004.
Ratzinger joins in D-Day commemoration Cathnews.com. June 7, 2004.
If Europe Loses Family, It Loses Its Identity, Says Cardinal Ratzinger. Zenit.Org. May 17, 2003.
Cardinal Ratzinger sees European culture in decline. Lifesite News. May 14, 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger Tells Why Many Misperceive Christianity. Zenit.org. May 7, 204.
Ratzinger preparing concise version of Catechism. Cathnews.com. April 28, 2004.
Ratzinger regrets Church centralism. Cathnews.com April 5, 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger Blames 1968 and 1989 for the Contempt of Ethics. Zenit.Org. February 19, 2004.
Pope, Ratzinger shake hands on War against Relativism . Cathnews.com. February 9, 2004.
Cardinal Ratzinger: Vatican II Recovered Public Dimension of Christianity. February 4, 2004. Zenit.Org.
Cardinal Ratzinger on Why It's Not Time for Vatican III. Zenit.Org. Dec. 4, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger Sees a Media Campaign Against Church. Zenit.Org. Dec. 3, 2002.
Is It Arrogant to Say Christ Is the Only Savior? Asks Cardinal Ratzinger. Zenit.Org. Dec. 2, 2002.
Ratzinger Named Dean of College of Cardinals Catholic World News. Dec. 2, 2002.
Ratzinger wary of secular culture. Zenit.org. Nov. 12, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger Says Catechism Is a Manual for Happiness. Zenit.org. Oct. 10, 2002.
Ratzinger urges compassion for dissident theologians. Zenit.Org. Sept. 26, 2002.
Ratzinger issues ultimatum to 'ordained' women. CWN. July 11, 2002.
"Ratzinger Becomes Dean of College of Cardinals", by Gill Donovan. National Catholic Reporter. May 24, 2002.
"Ratzinger endorses day of penance for abuse", by John Allen Jr. National Catholic Reporter. May 10, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger's 75th Birthday Celebration. Catholic World News. April 22, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger turns 75 but remains in job, Catholic Telecom News. April 17, 2002.
"A German Cardinal Celebrates 75 Years and the Pope's Support," By Heinz-Joachim Fischer. Frankfurter Allgemeine. Apr 15, 2002.
Call for an African to be next pontiff: Pope John Paul's chief theologian says successor should be black, John Hooper in Berlin and Philip Willan in Rome. The Guardian, Wednesday April 3, 2002.
Escrivá Always Knew His Place, Says Cardinal Ratzinger, Vatican Prefect for Faith Presents Book on Opus Dei Founder. Zenit.org reports. 22 March 2002
Ratzinger denies Christianity "superior" to Islam. Zenit. March 6, 2002.
"Two more scholars censured by Rome", by John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter. March 1, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger Comments on Lessons of Assisi, Feb. 21, 2002. Zenit.Org.
"Liturgical Reforms Need Reform, says Cardinal Ratzinger". America. Feb. 4, 2002.
"Pope tells Ratzinger more collaboration needed", by John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, Feb. 1, 2002.
The Wait Is Over: Jews' Messiah Now Kosher, by Eric J. Greenberg - Staff Writer. The Jewish Week, January 25, 2002.
Address of Pope John Paul II to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, given to Ratzinger and the CDF on January 18, 2002.
Doctrinal Congregation Takes Control Over Priestly Pedophilia Cases , by John Thavis. Catholic News Service, Dec. 6, 2001.
Cardinal Ratzinger Calls Relativism the New Face of Intolerance. Zenit.Org. Dec. 1, 2001.
Ratzinger ponders Just War Theory, his long service. Catholic World News. Nov. 14, 2001.
"Ratzinger Says Catholics Focus Too Much on Power." America. October 1, 2001.
Cardinal Ratzinger Thanked for 50 Years of Priesthood -- Pope Sends Letter to One of His Closest Collaborators

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 28, 2001 (Zenit.org). - John Paul II sent a congratulatory letter to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.

The Bavarian cardinal was ordained June 29, 1951, the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. A year later he began his career as a theology professor, in Freising. An expert at the Second Vatican Council, in time he became one of the top Catholic theologians of the late 20th century.

Joseph Ratzinger was named archbishop of Munich and Freising by Paul VI on March 24, 1977. In 1981, John Paul II appointed him prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The Pope explains in his letter, published today by the Vatican, that the cardinal's brilliant theological career and his witness in Munich were the reasons he was chosen for the post.

"Since then you have not ceased to dedicate your intellectual and moral energy to promote and safeguard the doctrine of the faith and customs throughout the Catholic world, at the same time fostering studies geared to increasing the intelligence of the faith, and to giving an adequate answer, in light of the Word of God, to the problems arising from the progress of science and civilization," the Pope states.

"Austrian liturgy specialist censured by Ratzinger", by John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter. Dec. 15, 2000.
Ratzinger Explains "New Evangelization", Catholic World News - Vatican Update. December 11, 2000.
Cardinal Ratzinger says 'Dominus Iesus' unjustly criticized.. Zenit.Org. Oct. 8, 2000.
"Ratzinger Speaks Out in New Book, Debate", by John L. Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, October 6, 2000.
"Mother Church Not a Sister Church, Says Ratzinger." America, Sept. 9, 2000.
Vatican issues text of third secret of Fatima. Christian Century, July 19, 2000.
"Cardinal Ratzinger Says Third Fatima Secret 'Not Essential'". America. June 3, 2000.
Vatican puts bishops on alert over heretical Quebec sect: 'Army of Mary' still active despite banishment in '80s, by Bob Harvey. Ottawa Citizen, May 5, 2000
"Past is prologue to liturgy debate", by John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, April 28, 2000. [As crucial meeting looms, at stake is link between liturgy, episcopal power first spotted by Ratzinger].
Cardinal Ratzinger Explains Purification of Memory. Catholic World News-Vatican Update March 7, 2000.
"Cardinals Eyt and Ratzinger Differ on Church Response to Problems". America. Feb. 19, 2000.
"French Cardinal Challenges Ratzinger", by John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, Feb. 18, 2000.
"Ratzinger credited with saving Lutheran pact", by John L. Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, September 10, 1999.
"Ratzinger weighs in on careerism of bishops", by John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, July 30, 1999.
"Milestones in campaign to hold the doctrinal line", by John Allen, Jr. [history of priests who have been punished for their incomplete teaching of the Catholic Church's opinion about homosexuality]. National Catholic Reporter, July 30, 1999.
"Ratzinger Celebrates Tridentine Mass in Germany". America, May 8, 1999.
"Cardinals Air Differences on Role of Doctrinal Congregation". America. April 10, 1999.
"Ratzinger Cites 'Need for Moral Absolutes'". America, March 16, 1999.
"Ratzinger on Divorce & Communion". America. March 13, 1999.
"Bishops get suggestions from Ratzinger session", by John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, March 12, 1999.
"The truth is universal, but other religions play a role [says Cardinal Ratzinger]", by John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, February 26, 1999.
"In rare U.S. visit, Ratzinger urges scholars to 'think with the church'", by John L. Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter, February 26, 1999.
Ratzinger calls for return to Latin Liturgy, by Matt Kantz. National Catholic Reporter, Jan. 8, 1999.
Ratzinger rejects rumors on Secret of Fatima. Catholic World News. Oct. 15, 1997.
Cardinal Ratzinger speaks on Church and freedom. Catholic World news. Sept. 26, 1997.
Ratzinger says pope may fast-track canonization [of Mother Theresa]. Catholic World News. Sept. 9, 1997.
Pope, Ratzinger urge fidelity to Catechism. Catholic World News. Sept. 8, 1997.
Ratzinger reflects on papacy. Catholic World News. April 15, 1997.
Ratzinger Calls Albania Chaos Work Of Devil. Catholic World News. April 1, 1997.
Ratzinger briefs press on hottest topics. (including excommunication of Tissa Balasuriya, the notion of heresy, the impossibility of ordaining women, the primacy of the pope, and the latest advances in theology). Catholic World News. January 29, 1997.
Cardinal Ratzinger Says No Need To Fear Secret Of Fatima. Catholic World News. October 14, 1996.
Cardinal Ratzinger Notes Innacurate Date for the Millenium, Catholic World News. May 29, 1996.
Cardinal Ratzinger Tells Bishop Ruiz Not To Use Marxist Interpretations. Catholic World News. May 17, 1996.
Dissenter Theologians Criticize Ratzinger's Presence. Catholic World News. May 14, 1996.
Cardinal Ratzinger Reports on Mexico Trip. Catholic World News. May 13, 1996.
Cardinal Ratzinger to Review Liberation Theology in Mexico. Catholic World News. May 9, 1996.
Cardinal Ratzinger Presses Liturgy Debate. Catholic World News. March 20, 1996.
Ratzinger Cautions Activist Priests. Catholic World News. March 11, 1996.
Special Occasions
Deacons: A Pictorial Presentation, At the beginning of each Academic year here at the North American College, the fourth year class is ordained to the diaconate; they become deacons. . . . This year it was their great priviledge to be ordained as deacons by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.
First Sunday of Lent: A Pictorial Presentation, Day of Pardon Mass in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican Sunday, March 12, 2000.
Pontifical Mass of Cardinal Ratzinger at Weimar, report by Una Voce International President, Michael Davies (17 April 1999).